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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 14, 2017, 11:11 PM

:bulletpink: As I've done throughout my Community Volunteer work, I'll start with events going around that you might take interest in. :)

First are my own:
:bulletpink: My challenge to everyone this month: Monthly Feature Challenge: H2O
:bulletpink: My cross-stitch specific group's contest: Finish The WIP Contest
:bulletpink: I was interviewed this month! :love: Read it [here]! My thanks to Jo of Serendipitous Stitching for the opportunity.
:bulletpink: My friend Fusainne was also interviewed! :la: Read it [here]!

And those from other CV's that I :heart: working with:
:bulletpurple: JenFruzz's contest: Flowers, Trees, Plants: Intro and Contest Details!
:bulletpurple: JenFruzz's feature: APN Adventures, Vol. 69
:bulletyellow: JustACapharnaum's contest winners: Tandem contest winners!
:bulletyellow: JustACapharnaum's contest participants: Tandem contest feature

:bulletpink: Tomorrow is April 15th, which is the usual last day for tax season in the USA (this year we have until the 18th!), and since I don't man the desk on Saturdays that means today was my last day of work. I didn't get any of the jobs I applied to throughout the year so far so... it's a bittersweet ending to my employment. :P Until someone hires me I'll be without an hourly wage again until next January if H&R Block asks me back, and that means I can pour all my time and focus into video games art again. That requires some shuffling of priorities on things.

:bulletpink: Topmost comes my seamstress (tailoring) lessons. This is a mixed job, since we have had lessons on a vast array of things from scrap denim to high end suits, but ultimately I must dedicate at least one day a week to my seamstress homework. This weekend I'm working on seamlessly... seaming... two pieces of highly-patterned fabric for a tablecloth. The task is daunting, and it's hardly even a third of the work, but if I can match plaid, surely I can match cowboys?
Black and Gold Dress Shirt for my Brother by pinkythepink
I'm hoping to also apply my training to doll clothes, one in particular is Leaf-nin's Peach pattern, because it's no secret Peach is a favorite of mine. She released this pattern and I've purchased it, now I just have to find the time to do it, and the patience of my seamstress master JoAnn to help me figure out things I can't yet do on my own.
Super Mario Princess Dress sewing pattern! by Leaf-nin
Once I finish Leaf-nin's pattern I'll feel more comfortable tackling some of the other paper patterns I have for doll dresses. My original intent for all the doll clothing was so that it could be used as a base reference for doll bead clothing so... :lol: one step at a time, right?

:bulletpink: My next priority caters to my cross-stitching lovelies over at stitchingpirates: Hannah-Alexander's Disney Princesses, set six.
WIP- Disney Mucha Patterns (Hannah-Alexander) SET6 by pinkythepink
That'll finalize the entire collection:
Disney Mucha Xstitch Patterns (Hannah-Alexander) by pinkythepink Disney Mucha Xstitch Patterns 2 (Hannah-Alexander) by pinkythepink Disney Mucha Xstitch Patterns 3 (Hannah-Alexander) by pinkythepink Disney Mucha Xstitch Patterns 4 (Hannah-Alexander) by pinkythepink Disney Mucha Xstitch Patterns 5 (Hannah-Alexander) by pinkythepink
And my friend Magical525 has been working on creating accompanying patterns for all eighteen of the princesses. Here's one of them, for Jasmine:
Jasmine by Magical525
Pocahontas is getting a progress video from start to finish made, which I'm then super speeding up to compress the time it takes. Also because I tried watching my own recording of drawing the outlines for three hours and I was really, really bored :lmao: so I can't imagine how it would be for any of you. It's better for all of us if it's in super speed. When that's all done, I'm unsure if I'll be posted the video for everyone or if it will just be shared amongst the people in the Mucha Stitching group. It's just in the air at the moment.

Please remember to shower Hannah-Alexander with endless praise for allowing me to work with the set and allowing the rest of us to pour our stitching hearts into the fabric. :heart:

:bulletpink: On a similar pattern-making priority checklist, callupish has agreed to let me convert some of her own gorgeous artwork into patterns to sell. :la: Blessed be the callupish! Our collaboration will begin with these four owls and, if successful and well-received, may even lead to more pattern collections in the future. :aww:
Familiars: Sooty Owl by callupish Familiars: Long Eared Owl by callupish Familiars: Great Grey by callupish Familiars: Barn Owl by callupish
Since they're so much smaller than the princesses at just 5 inch squares my predicted timeline for them has gone a lot faster than anticipated and may be out as soon as the end of this month. They'll be limited edition, which means a lot more signing and juggling for me, and I haven't quite yet settled onto a price. You're welcome to reserve copies if you want - there will be partial stitches; cotton, metallic, and rayon thread; backstitching; and french knots that you (and definitely I) can replace with beads.

My deal with callupish is that I have to stitch them myself, preferably in a reasonable timeframe :lol:, so I'll likely be shoving aside other projects once these patterns are complete to finish the work.

:bulletpink: My bead dresses, though very important to me personally, hold the lowest priority in the overall scheme of things. There's so much that I want to do with them, but I have to halt everything - shoes, umbrellas, wings, hats, purses, custom patterns - so that I can overhaul my pricing for them. The first basic ten patterns I worked with have now been defunct for at least a year and I know that my skill and speed has, if not improved, at least plateaued. I need to create ten new dresses, one for each of the original patterns, so that I can have the most accurate feel for the cost of materials and the speed I can make them. DukeWaxeye has been helping me arrange colors this past week and I hope that once my other responsibilities have been completed I'll be able to jump into bead dressmaking without too much interruption.
All 10 Dresses Together - dA ID by pinkythepink
Then, of course, is my almost-two-years-old plan to revitalize my three-inch dress patterns... and as my guilt constantly reminds me... Katie Dean's chocolate cake is sitting there... waiting......

In any case, my formula of [(time x $/hour) + 2(materials)] x 1.1 is getting a facelift / being replaced / altered / whatever and as a whole my finished pieces should be lowering the cost to you.

:bulletpink: On the lower-than-low bottom tier is the fact that my seamstress master JoAnn wants to teach me how to crochet. Yeah. Okay. I guess I can fit that in too. Somewhere. It's not like it's cool enough she's taught me how to do Brazilian embroidery and that's on the list pile too. Not enough that we're already planning more Brazilian embroidery pieces for November, riiiiight?
:iconspacetiredplz: Right.

:rose: My Catalog :rose:
Need To Post
> Mom's Apron
> 3D Shoe Collab with TZ2
> Monogram Brazilian Embroidery
> Dia (Harvest Moon Magical Melodies) Bead Dress
Currently Working On
> Tablecloth
> Chicken XStitch
> Chocolate Brazilian Embroidery
> Hannah-Alexander Mucha Princesses, Set 6
> Callupish set of Owls, Set of 4
Upcoming Projects
> Green/Copper Bead dress
> Blue/Silver Bead dress
> Blue Star Trek Bead dress
> Gold Star Trek Bead dress
> Barbie Bead dress prototypes (second draft)
> Related: Barbie Bead dress for Mattsma
> Peach Barbie dress (cloth)
> Rose Brazilian Embroidery
> Awesome beaded cake kit by Katie Dean

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