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December 23, 2012
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Dusty Rose ShortSkirt Bead Dress by pinkythepink Dusty Rose ShortSkirt Bead Dress by pinkythepink
This is done from a kit I special-ordered from Japan that came with all the supplies, including the mannequin. This is the sixth of the five-inch-tall miniature bead dresses I've done from kits.

This dress is the first of the short dress patterns. This one is cut slightly different in the pattern as well - the top/bottom mixing ability may be a little strange since the "bodice" portion of the corset is about half way up. I'll most certainly have to play around with this pattern when mixing it up to get the same effect in the future.

There are some brand new features to this dress unseen before and are not repeated in the next four patterns. For one, the ribbon and its rhinestone, which now that I've learned its secrets could be used in place of roses (such as on the wedding dress) or flowers (such as the red dress). The difficult part of this may be the rhinestone. I've looked for this shape before, the setting with four holes, but it's very difficult unless going through antique pieces. Most rhinestones have holes directly on them for application or "shanks" on their backs. I'll be looking into replacement bow centers for this addition on future dresses.

The second difference is those beaded shoes you're seeing. The kit came with just the soles, holes drilled through the toe for attachment, and I have looked and looked again for a way to get ahold of more. Even my Japanese contacts are unaware of where to purchase more of them and according to my art teacher who's helping me with some mold work these are too thin to do the way we've been practicing. I've found many websites for helping to create custom doll shoes, so if this becomes something I'm really fond of you can count on seeing more of them! It bothers me that they are almost the exact size as Barbie Doll shoes. I don't know if this speaks more to Barbie or these dresses being a bit off scale.

The dress itself has confused me with its coloring. It's a blue-grey for the most part with some silver dotted in. The top around the neck and sleeves however is sort of a peachy pink color. This didn't make sense because the skirt is purple and doesn't blend very well with it (this was, of course, before I attached the bow). It occurred to me that perhaps this is meant to act as a sort of "illusion" dress - where if this was put on a light colored lady the top of the dress wouldn't be visible and it would appear as if the corset was the only thing there. That's just a guess however, since once I put the bow on it it seemed to all be pulled together very nicely! Future dresses should have the option of the neckline/sleeves matching the skirt. This skirt could easily be brought all the way down to a full "floor" length.

This is done with glass seed beads in color-lined grey-blue size 15 and 11, frosted peach size 15, clear peach silver-lined size 11, and shiny solid purple-lavender-pink-whatever-mauve size 15 and 11. It's woven together with pink Japanese One G nylon thread. The ribbon is shiny pink with white polka dots with a white/clear/silver rhinestone to accent it. It's almost entirely herringbone stitch.

:bulletpink: Edit: Since creating these I have learned about scale. Barbie is "1/6" scale, and my dresses I've concluded are closer to "1/12" scale, which is half the size of Barbie. I'll be working this new information into future work.

Color Total: 4 (Shoes: 2)
Bead Sizes: 2 (Shoes: 1)
Bonus: Ribbon and rhinestone! (Shoes: Plastic sole)
Size: 3 3/4 inches tall, 1 inch waist, 1 1/4 inch bust, 4 1/2 inches hem (Shoes: 3/4 x 3/4 inches)
Time: 16 1/2 hours dress, 30 minutes each shoe

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Super cute!
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This bead dresses are some of the cutest things on earth. ;///;
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MiniSteveK Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2014
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